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Who Else Wants A Consistent, Predictable Residual Income on Autopilot That Customers Renew Year After Year?
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Here’s What You Learn for $10!
  • Why reselling domains and hosting is an opportunity for over 2/3 of the local businesses and how the upsells are so much more
  • Step 1, Get an easy to remember reseller name (Mine is DomainsYouControl.com)
  • How to becoming a GoDaddy domains and hosting reseller like me @ StartSellingDomains.com
  • Join or start a local business group, meet frequently in person or virtually – I belong to NTI
  • Start a niche or business vertical podcast, blog and coaching service – (Mine is Pest Control Marketing Podcast & Live Stream)
  • UPSELL #1 – Building WordPress websites for clients or partnering with a  good WordPress designer
  • UPSELL #2 – Blogging & Podcasting audio production services to the local business owner for content marketing
  • UPSELL #3 – Building video landing pages which are like local business infomercials – (My little secret sauce no one is doing)
  • UPSELL #4 –  SERP term jingles to enhance videos and podcasts, radio and tv ads – (Even more secret sauce)
  • UPSELL #5 – Getting clients to pay you monthly to write ads, manage the ads, and meet to monthly to improve their leads and direct response marketing
  • Wrap up, a challenge and how to get your $10 refund for this training!!
Why $10??
I would give it away free, but sadly most people never use or open FREE stuff!
$10 means you are interested, curious, and willing to try. 
I am looking for people who seriously are willing to work at this in their local markets to see the opportunities I prove in these presentations work for me over time. This is not a get rich quick biz op!  Warning: It takes time, a small investment and effort to build  a local reseller business!
Plus I want to partner with those action takers to sell SERP Music in other markets… Is that you? 
Then invest $10 in learning about a real business I do everyday!


If you are unhappy for any reason, within 30 days, I will refund your $10. You risk nothing other than learning what I do as a Local Domain Reseller!